Here you find information about the game options, this list will be expanded over time.

The bank is the place to keep your credits safe. You can even transfer credits to another player and there are logs that shows what happends. These logs will delete themself after 12 hours.

Battling is the main point of the game.The more strength you have, the more damage you do. There are also weapons and armor available to put in play. The stronger your weapon is (shows by the +) the more strength added to your ccurrent strength. The more power in your armor (Again, shown by the +) helps to dissipate the enemy's attack. Say an enemy has 13 strength, but you have a +10 armor. You can always leave the fight, but will receive a wait timer for the next fight.

At the casino you can play some casino games and earn and/or lose credits. There are a few games to play:

- Lucky 7
- Higher/Lower
- Horseracing
- Wheel of Fortune

At the cemetery you will find all players that are currently dead.

The city is the place with all the game options available. There are also some there are locked to planet Earth and some that are not available on planet Earth. When discovering a new planet the player will be the "owner" of that planet. The owner can set the costs the players need to pay to enter the planet. The planet owner will earn that money. There is no limit on how many planets a player can own. The owner can also remove players from that planets prison (but wont recieve EXP/credits from it!).

Start a new company and do some work for the company. Everytime you work the company will earn credits and EXP. These credits you can use to upgrade the company and/or transfer the credits to your own player account. The higher the level of company and upgrade, the higher the rewards.

Energy is the deciding factor in what you can do in a day. Once it reaches zero, you have to wait until reset to get it restored.

This is a great way to discover things, or new planets. When a player discovers a new planet they need to give it a name before it gets active. Planet finders can currently change the costs to travel to that planet and/or transfer the planet to another player. The owner of the planet will earn all credits the players needs to pay to enter the planet.

Start a new factory and make sure to find some workers. The more workers you have the more they produce. Upgrade the factory to hold more workers so you can even earn more credits.

Cut wood and sell the wood at the store to earn credits and EXP. You can shop 5 times before you need to wait 10 minutes.

The GRID is the place where you have the ability to find random things, but its also possible to find nothing. Go check it out.

When you get hurt or get killed, you need to visit the hospital. Here you pay some credits and get healed afterwards.

Start hunting creatures and sell there corpses afterwards. The planet earth has common creatures, but other planets share other creatures.

Your inventory is where all of your weapons and armor are kept. You can sell them, or you can equip them.

Here can new player do some work and earn some easy credits by doing some work. This option will be disabled when the player reaches level 10.

Your event log keeps track of all things that happen to you in the game, so you won't miss anything while you're away. Just remember that the logs only last for 12 afterwards they get deleted automaticly!

Mails is a way to send players a private message. These messages will survive for 14 days and get deleted afterwards!

When not at the planet Earth you can visit the mines, you can mine for resource and these you can sell afterwards for some credits. You mine more resources when you buy extra mines. You get 5 productions every 15 minutes, so this means you can mine 5 times. The resources that you can mine are alethite and burelia. At the anvil you can combine the resources to platinum.

Money comes in two forms, Platinum and Credits. Credits are the main currency, and are used more widely in the game. Platinum, however, is much rarer and can only be found in one place in the game. Not much is known about the uses of platinum, but it is rumored that it will be known soon...

All players have access to notepads. Here you can save some important notes.

The basic point of the game is to have the biggest outpost and to have the most tokens (Tokens are the game's currency.) Every reset, you get 5 turns. You can do whatever you need to do with those 5 turns.

Mining is a very good way to get money. Mining takes one turn. Every time you mine, you'll get tokens. The more mines you have, the more you'll gain. You can only have one mine per size of your outpost.

Outpost Shop
The base shop lets you buy more troops and barricades. The more troops you have, the more offense power your base has. The more barricades you have, the more defense power your base has.

Attacking Outposts
Attacking is the most important way to gain tokens. If you have more troops and defenses than the enemy you attack, you will win. Otherwise, you will lose. You can only have 10 troops and 10 barricades per outpost size, so you won't be any type of ubernewb.

You can travel to other planets to try to evade other players or do some other game options there. You can try to find a new planet if you start an expedition. Each planet has its founder (exept planet Earth) and they controll that planet. The planet owners can even set players free from prison!

Every planet has its own prison. Try to let other players escape to earn some EXP.

Try to commit a robbery and earn some credits and EXP. But be carefull because there is a chance to get caught by the police and they will put you in prison.

A ship is needed to travel to another planet. You can buy a ship in the ships shop and each ship has its own amount of traves within an hour.

At the armor shop you can buy new armor. These armor will help you out in the battle arena.

At the platinum shop you can buy some extra platinum when needed, the prices will changes at random times.

At the weapons shop you can buy new weapon. These weapons will help you out in the battle arena.

In a time where democracy and order has failed the people of earth, and the planet is now on the brink of destruction one man rises above all and leads the people to the planet Indocron.That man was 'Bully'. He along with Maz and Splat1,create the tribe 'Protectors' to lead the people of the planet Indrocron to their deserved Greater Way Of Living. However, some souls did not agree with the 'Protectors' way, and form their own tribes with their own way of living. Where does your illegence stand? The choice is now yours, you are the future!

The training is a gym where you can advance your stats strength or agility. These stats are used in the battle arena to fight with other players.

Here you can travel to another planet, choose a planet in the list and pay the costs.

Tribes are used to conquer together with other player. There are many options that comes with tribes. You can join a tribe (password required) or you can create a new tribe. Tribes comes also with there own forums.

The tribes also have facilities that can be bought with tribe points, these points are earned while fighting other player. Each facility gives its own amount of credits the tribe members will earn.
- Each casino will earn the member 1.000 credits per 24 hours.
- Each satellite will earn the member 2.500 credits per 24 hours.
- Each company will earn the member 5.000 credits per 24 hours.
- Each space station will earn the member 7.500 credits per 24 hours.

Tribe facilities is a way for players to earn extra credits. These facilities can be bought from Tribe Points (TP). These TP are earned by killing other players in the battle arena. Facilities can be taken over by tribe members (if enabled by owner/co-owner) while using the players troopers. Troopers can also be donated to the tribe as defense. These troopers needs to be killed first, before you can attempt to take over an facility. A tribe can hold 1.000 troopers max. At each facility the player can claim credits per 24 hours. There is no max on how many facilities a tribe can have.

Troopers for the tribes are defending all facilities the tribe has, the company needs at least 1 trooper before they can buy a facility. When a tribe doesn't have any troopers, then other tribes can take over facilities. For every trooper the tribe has the income of the tribe goes up with 500 credits.

Find new troopers and earn credits with them or attack another player with the troopers to kill them and steal some credits. you can search and claim every 24 hours.

At the wall of shame you will find all players that are currently banned from the game. You can when that player is still alive throw a tomato to the player, this will costs you 5 credits per tomato. You will earn EXP and credits when you throw the tomato that kills the player.